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The following are the general contracting conditions which regulate online purchases carried out through website.

These General Conditions will be accepted by the user during the purchase process in the said website, by clicking “accept” in the corresponding checkbox which provide information about them.

Users of are kindly requested to read carefully the following Conditions of Purchase and our Privacy Policy before placing the order. In case you do not agree with all the Conditions of purchase and with the Privacy Policy, you should not place any order.

  • The acceptance of the subsequent General Conditions implies that the user:
  • Has read, understood and agreed these General Conditions.
  • That they have the power to enter agreements.
  • That they accept all the obligations stated herein.
  • They will remain responsible of the fulfilment of those obligations from the moment of acceptance.

The General Conditions detailed below will be valid for an indefinite period of time and applicable to all online purchasing carried out through website.  This website reserves the right to unilaterally modify these General Conditions at any time. Such modifications shall in no way affect the purchase carried out before the approval of those modifications which shall be governed in all cases by the General Conditions in force at the time of undertaking these other purchases.

It is the responsibility of the user to know the General Conditions of Purchase prevailing at the beginning of the purchasing process.

These General Conditions may be amended or extended by particular clauses or specific conditions on certain products, specially, with regard to the suspension of the right of cancellation, changes or returns. Read carefully the product information to know the particular terms.

1. Identification:

The vendor of the goods or services agreed by the user through www.saintmara.

la empresa SAINT MARA, S.L. Company, with registered office in Madre Vedruna Street, 8, 50008 Zaragoza with TIN B99458036, and phone number 876287563 and Email adress, registered in the Mercantile Registry in Zaragoza, in Volume 4147, Page Z-59352, Folio 75.

2. website content and electronic trading services:

SAINT MARA, S.L. reserves the right to modify the commercial offer displayed

 in the website (modifications about prizes, products, promotions and other service and commercial aspects) at any time.

SAINT MARA, S.L., ensures that the products to be commercialised through are of the same quality and features of those sold in the physical store SAINT MARA.

From SAINT MARA, S. L. every possible effort is made for the information and images displayed in the website to be truthful and faithful to reality, also avoiding typing mistakes. However, some features such as colours or design textures cannot be clearly appreciated by the images, or they may suffer from variations depending on the condition of the screen used.

In case there is any typing mistake, or any kind of mistake in the information, at all times outside the will of SAINT MARA, S.L., they would be corrected immediately. If a typing error appeared in a displayed prize, and , as a consequence of that mistake any user decided to purchase, SAINT MARA, S.L., will communicate the mistake to the user, who may desist from the purchase without any additional costs.

The products published in are accompanied by the following information:

  • Item name.
  • Price (shown in Euros) all taxes included.
  • Information about colour, size and material.

SAINT MARA, S.L., is not responsible, either directly nor indirectly, for any of the information, content, statements and expressions containing the products commercialised by SAINT MARA, S.L. All such liability shall be borne by the manufacturers or distributors. The client understands that SAINT MARA, S.L. is a mere intermediary between them and the manufacturer or distributor.

3. Offer coverage:

Products offered in website ship to Spain (Peninsula, Balear and Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla), Portugal and Europe.

In those cases where the purchases have as shipping address the territories of Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla, the user must necessarily provide the Personal Identification Number (DNI) during the purchasing process, not being possible to purchase from these territories with an identification number for foreigners (NIE), or Passport.

To know the shipping costs, please read the SHIPPING section included in

4. Offer validity deadline:

Without prejudice to the provisions of the specific regulation, offers or online contract proposals will be valid for a period fixed by or failing this, during the period in which they are accessible to recipients.

5. Product availability:

If, at the time of the issuance of the order, there was no stock of any of our products included in that order, would contact the user to communicate the inability to provide that item, and the payment of the corresponding amount would be carried out. The foregoing shall be without prejudice of the legal rights of the user as a consumer.

6. Purchasing process:

To acquire products through it is necessary for users to browse through the website selecting the categories of interest. Once the user may wish to obtain a product it is necessary to add to the basket those ítems wishing to purchase, previously choosing the colour and/or sizes available in each case. The shopping cart will store the chosen products, identifying them by name, colour, size, quantity and Price shown in Euros.

To proceed with the checkout, process the user would need to click on “confirm”, which appears in the shopping cart. If the user is not registered in, it shall be necessary to register creating a user account. To do so, the user shall provide freely and voluntarily the personal data required.

With the aim to process the orders and issue invoices to users, it is necessary to fill, during the registration process, all the fields indicated with an asterisk (*)

Once the user account is created in, it is reported that, in accordance with the article 27 of the Law 34/20002 Of Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, the purchasing process would apply the following steps:

  • Order summary: The breakdown of the products and services required will be showed. In this section, the quantity of each item could be modified, or delete those wished to be cancelled.
  • Shipping and Billing address: Here the shipping and billing addresses linked to the user will be indicated, with the possibility to modify or add new directions ,If desired.
  • The choice of the shipping method or delivery from own-store.
  • Acceptance of the General Conditions of Purchase generales de venta

  • Payment method: In this moment the user should select a payment method among those available. The system would redirect to the payment method chosen in order to facilitate all data required to complete that payment method. In the case of secure electronic methods, such as the credit card payment option, the user will be directed to a secure place or to an external payment gateway to proceed with the payment in a secure way. SAINT MARA, S.L never gets credit card data, which they are directly sent to REDSYS, who processes the payment and notifies to the Company the completion of the transaction.
  • Order confirmation: Once the acceptance is received, will issue a confirmation on screen, which the user could save. Additionally, together with the order confirmation, an email will be sent containing all data of the order to the email address provided by the user.

7. Resale or distribution prohibition:

This purchasing channel is restricted to consumers or final recipients of the products, thus being forbidden either any professional activity of resale or distribution of the acquired products.

8. Prices and Taxes:

The prices indicated in all the products of are shown in euros (€) e and they include the Value AddedTax (V.A.T). In the case of purchases carried out from Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla, V.A.T would not be included. At the time of order placement, the recipient must pay the taxes required at customs when the goods are delivered.

In the cases when the purchase is made from the European countries where ships, the V.A.T will be applied to the intra -community delivery, unless the recipient provides an Foreign National Identification Number (NIE).

Shipping costs were to be required, they would be added to the order summary before proceeding to the payment.

Despite all the measures taken by to avoid errors, it may happen that the price applied to a product during the checkout was not the one offered or, the price offered displayed in was wrong. In case those errors were identified after the formalisation of the purchase, that sales agreement would be invalid in accordance with the current regulations, this without prejudice of the rights the user has as a consumer. will communicate the user this incidence as soon as the Company has knowledge about it, and, in case any amount was charged for that purchase,it will be immediately refunded.

9. Payment methods: offers  the following payment methods:

  • Credit or Debit card. Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Red 6000, 4B, American Express
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer Works with REDSYS to offer full guarantee of security at the time of purchasing through the website. It is a powerful tool for fraud prevention and an intelligent 3D secure authentication. In these cases, in order to carry out the financial operation, the system will contact the issuing bank of the card to request authentication of the card holder by means of a personal authentication code. The operation will only be made if the issuing bank of the card confirms the authentication code. Otherwise, the transaction will be cancelled.

In any event, if the credit card happens to be rejected during the checkout prcess, the user should check the expiration date, the data entered or the card limit.

To pay through PayPal, when the checkout process is finished and this payment method is selected, the user will be redirected to PayPal website where the payment process could be completed.

In case the user decides to pay through bank transfer (or bank account deposit), the bank account number will be provided to make the payment from any cash or bank, or, if desired, place an account deposit in an office, Once the payment is received, the order will be shipped within the regular time limits (see shipping).

If within 2 working days the payment was not received, the order would be cancelled. To avoid cancellation and to expedite the process, it is recommended to send a proof of payment to

10. Invoices and tickets:

Every payment made by the user to will lead to the issuing of an invoice in the name of the registered user, which will be sent in paper together with the order or by email.

11. Order delivery:

The delivery is made the moment the recipient gets, personally or through a third party, the products purchased to the selected shipping address.

It will be necessary that the client signs, or someone on behalf, the delivery note provided by the Carrier together with the product. The sign of the delivery not will not imply compliance, only used to certify that the delivery has taken place. Consequently, it does neither affect to the contractual rights the user has, nor it implies compliance with a product in bad conditions.

Without prejudice of legal and contractual rights, and with a view to process any incident related with the shipping of the merchandise, users are kindly requested to communicate within a period not greater than 24 hours any incident related with the shipping, such as the lack or loss of any of the products acquired, damaged products, open merchandise, etc. It should be considered that the sign of the delivery note is necessary to make the product delivery. The user has therefore to verify that other people could receive the purchase on behalf. shall not admit any responsibility neither for the reception another person would make on behalf of the acquirer without the proper authorisation when the reception is made correctly in the selected shipping address, nor in the case the product delivery never occurs as a consequence of the data provided by the user being false, incomplete, out of date or inaccurate, or, when the delivery is impossible for reasons beyond the assigned Courier Company, as it may be the absence of the recipient in more than two attempts of merchandise delivery.

The delivery implies the risk of transmission, and, consequently, the impairment, loss or theft likely to occur from that moment is not responsibility of

In case the delivery was impossible to carry out, the Company will cancel the contract owing to the impossibility of performance, and without prejudice of the complaints this Company may initiate in cases of deceit or negligence of the client. does not admit as valid post office box addresses. In case the contract includes a post office box address, the contract will not be valid and will not therefore be forced to its fulfilment.  However, This circumstance can be notified, and the charges will be regressed.


12. Changes and returns, right of withdrawal:

Change and return policy in is very simple.


13. Order cancellation: offers the possibility to cancel an order at no cost provided that the cancellation communicates before 16.30h by phoning to  876 287 563.Every cancellation requested afterwards could not be managed, since at 17h of any working day orders are issued from the warehouse, and, once under the control of the courier company, it would be impossible to retrieve the package.

14. Force majeure or act of God: will not be responsable for the total breach, defective performance or delay in any of the obligations imposed which may have any effect upon the event of a forcé majeure or an act of God. Deadline impositions shall be suspended in such cases during the period of time the force majeure or the act of God events are likely to extend. The calculaton will continue once such forcé majeure or Act of God circumstance dissapears.

15. Customer service/ Claims:

For any type of question contact to 876 287 563 from 10.30h to 13.30h  or from 17h to 20h or mail to

In case of order cancellations contact to 876 287 563 from 10.30h to 13.30h.

16. Liability Regime:

This Company will only respond to the damage the user may suffer as a consecuence of the use of the online shop when such damage is attributable to a wilful misconduct from this company. The user acknowledges and accepts that the use of the online shop, as well as the acquisition of the products offered in that site, is carried out under the entire risk and responsibility of the client. is not responsible for the prejudices which may derive from, but not limited to (i) interferences, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, telephone breakdowns, and/or disconnections in the functioning of the electronic operating system, or in the users’ computer equipment, motivated by causes beyond, which may prevent or delay the service provision or the navigation in the shop; (ii) Delays or blockages in the use of the system caused by deficiencies or overloads on the internet or other electronic systems; (iii) which may be caused by third parties through illegitimate intromissions out of the shop’s control not attributable to; (iv) Differences between, documentation and/or other content of the shop appearing in the printed and the electronic versions; (v) Of the impossibility to provide service or allow access in causes not attributable to, owing to the user, third parties or force majeure events . does not generally take the control of the use of the shop made by clients. Particularly, it does not guarantee, under any circumstances that the clients use the service in accordance with the law, the present General Conditions, morality and good manners generally accepted, and the public order, nor that they will act diligently and prudently.

17. Security and data privacy:

All the information provided by users of will be used only to process purchasing orders, and to facilitate the navigation and the purchase of the products un the online.

Cookies are small data files stored in the terminal of the user who visits our website, containing certain information related to the visit. This page uses cookies only with the aim to facilitate users’ navigation and in any case these cookies could be associated to specific personal data, nor to identify the user by means of them.  Nevertheless, the possibility, which exists in most of the web browsers, to disable the cookies. (For further information, see the COOKIES POLICY Section)

Our Company guarantees that data provided by clients will not be shared with third parties or other companies.

18. Applicable guarantees:

All the products offered through this website are completely original, unless indicated otherwise in the description.

The colour of the products displayed on the screen may be subject to alterations depending on the quality of the monitors used by clients. To this exent, cannot assure that the colours appearing on the user’s screen accurately reflect those of the product itself.


19. Intellectual and Industrial Property:

All the contents in, unless indicated otherwise, are exclusive ownership of the web holder or third parties, as well as, but not limited to the graphic design, source code, logos, texts, graphics, illustrations, photographs, and other elements appearing on the website. Similarly, all the commercial names, brands, or distinguishing signs of any type contained in the website are protected by law.

The web holder does not grant any license or personal use authorisation of any type regarding the rights of industrial and intellectual property, or any other right related with the website and the services offered in that site. Therefore, the user acknowledges that the reproduction, distribution, commercialisation, transformation, and, un general, any form of exploitation, through any procedure, of all or part of the contents of this website is a breach of the intellectual and/or industrial property rights of the website or the site holder.

20. Use of the web page:

The user undertakes not to exceed the limits of use of this website, including the deliberate introduction of viruses, worms, Trojan houses, or other codes that manifest contaminating and harmful for the software system of,as as well as unauthorised access attempts to the server, equipment, devices and database in

Failure to comply with this provision may result in the comission of a criminal offence detailed in the current regulations in this subject matter.

21. Applicable Law and jurisdiction:

The Law applicable to the commercial relationship betweena  (as the VENDOR ) y el USUARIO (as the BUYER) Is the following Spanish Regulations. Being the following applicable:

  • Organic Law 15/1999, of  13 December, on Personal Data Protection.
  • Organic Law 34/2002, of  11 July, on Information Society Services, and Electonic Commerce.
  • Spain Civil Code.
  • Royal Legislative Decreee 1/2007, of 16 November, by which the restated text of the General Consumer and User Protection Act and other related provisions was approved.

The vendor and the user agree to submit any dispute that may arise from the provision of goods or services covered by these General Conditions, to the courts of Zaragoza.

Should the user have his/her address outside Spain, the seller and the user shall  expressly waive the right to recourse to any other jurisdiction, hereby submitting  to the jurisdiction of the courts of Zaragoza (Spain).